About project

The Jewish Digital Collection was created with the aim to collect in one place archival material preserved in the Historical Archives of Belgrade which refers to the life of Jews living in Belgrade from 18th to 20th century.

The project included a three-year research of the fonds and collections of the Archives of Belgrade, selection and analytical description of selected material. The research team set aside 59 fonds and collections and processed about 60,000 archival records. The material includes fonds of administrative and public services, educational institutions, economic organizations and companies, as well as several collections, among which the collection of church registers should be singled out. Most of the material was scanned, and the formed database is searchable and available in Serbian and English. Thus, the Jewish Digital Collection became the unique source on the history of Belgrade Jews. which refers to the life of Jews living in Belgrade from 18th to 20th century.

Note: the database contains analytical descriptions of the records and scanned documents. In some cases entire record wasn’t scanned, but only the most important parts or parts which referred to the Jewish community, and empty pages included in the record weren’t scanned. Therefore the number of the folios or items indicated in the analytical description does not represent the number of scanned pages but the number of documents preserved in the record. It is possible to see the entire record in the Reading Room of the Historical Archives of Belgrade or upon formal on line request.
The amount of documents in the records is expressed differently, depending on the type of the documentation: in folios (sheets), in files (dossiers) or in items (for cards, postcards, posters and photographs).